God Is Not Three Guys in the Sky

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Christianity mistakes its myth for history and its symbol for fact.

Jeanette Blonigen Clancy blends studies on the historical Jesus, mythology, Jungian thought, feminist theology, science, and comparative religions to produce an illuminating interpretation of Christian doctrine. God Is Not Three Guys in the Sky urges Christians to relinquish literal understandings of doctrine and the Christian claim to being the only true religion.

With evidence from scholars and a variety of traditions, Clancy examines questions about:

  • The Christ
  • Truth and myth in scripture
  • God and human consciousness
  • The mystical Reign proclaimed by the man Jesus.

Her answers to these questions will delight many, disturb others, and fascinate all readers. Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Native Americans, Jews, atheists, and pagans are included with Christians in this synthesis of spiritual currents. Here is a vision of global harmony.

Reader Comments

It’s the most applicable spiritual work I’ve read since M.Scott Peck five years ago. I’ve read some Carl Jung and you do him proud—very clear. I’ve read Michael Morewood—you’re smoother and more personal. I’ve read John Shelby Spong—you’re more Catholic. I’ve read Matthew Fox and you’re more concise.For me as a cradle Catholic also, it’s a radical, life-changing, soul-enhancing book.

—Ron Ohmann, former physician and St. Cloud Times columnist

I don’t know if you realize how much of a blessing your book is to someone like me, as well as to my wife. You validated our experience and empowered us to go forward without looking back. Like the person who wrote the review on your website, yours has set me free in a way that theirs did not. . . . I found it to be very spiritual.

—Gary Egeberg, Edina, MN

Your book arrived less than a week ago, and I have eagerly finished reading it. It is a marvelous gem. As soon as I read the first paragraph of Chapter One I knew you and I agree on points that are very important to each of us. Although we have taken different paths, we have arrived at the same place. You write very well.

Your presentation of Jung and myth is the most lucid I have ever read. Much of your book, such as the last chapter, is truly profound. The impact your book has meant to me is perhaps best signified by the many sentences that I have underlined, often with asterisks in the margin that are my way of marking something as truly great stuff. Thank you for your insights and for expressing them so well!

—Richard Hagenston, Roanoke, Virginia

This is one of my favorite statements: “Both atheists and fundamentalists are limited by the same shrunken view of the Sacred, ignoring the vast and deep diversity of human concepts of Spirit.”

— Jann Aldredge-Clanton, Dallas, Texas

You have done a wonderful service for all people like me, who have had a million questions about their Catholic faith and the many inconsistencies that seem to permeate the dogma. . . . your way of reconciling all the differences offers a new way for me to articulate the many questions and beliefs that have kept me always feeling like a Catholic, even when I feel like a hypocrite to everyone else in the Catholic boat of beliefs . . .

—Jim from Stillwater, the Worrying Warrior

Your thoughts and feelings made me feel so less alone in understanding my faith. . .
My mother shared another opinion column of yours with me this weekend regarding Islam and the prejudices currently held by many Christians/Americans. . . Your courage is admirable!

Natascha Smrekar, Guthrie, MN

The subtitle, “Cherishing Christianity without Its Exclusive Claims,” is an excellent summary of your thoughts. . . This gives all of us courage to live fully, honoring all our questions.

Regina Birchem, Irwin, PA (near Pittsburgh)

I’m finding that I read your book in short sections and then must give them time to digest. It’s as if I’m crossing a field of hidden landmines to reach a deeply desired destination and must often pause to get my bearings in order to weave among them. Thanks for the invitation to explore Christianity again after spending so many years rejecting it! Namaste,

Beth Blevins (http://sacredweb.blogspot.com)

After a lifetime of nervous heretical doubting I finally feel okay with questions.

Chris Scott, St. Cloud, MN.

Over the years I have read many books on religion, listened in on many conversations (or joined in), turned up the radio for MPR discussions, watched many shows on TV, watched all of Joseph Campbell’s PBS tapes, and all that. I have to say your book is the most comprehensive, thorough, thought-provoking, meaningful, and sensible study of religion I have seen. . . . I thought of this Bible quote: “A prophet is not accepted in his own home.”

Tom Koshiol, Paynesville, MN